Yes, I’m One of “Those” Readers

I’m not sure when it had started. I used to be able to focus on reading one book from start to finish before picking up and starting another book. But, for some reason, over the years, I’ve devolved into one of those readers who must tackle several books at once. The … Continue reading


Tomorrow is 12-21-12, or as the Mayans had predicted, the END OF THE WORLD!!! But, if you’re one of my many creative friends, you probably can’t go out with so many creative ideas swirling around your screwed up little mind. I know that I can’t. So, my friends, I challenge … Continue reading

Entertainment for the End of the World

According to the Mayans, the end of the world is only two days away, so if you haven’t prepared your End of the World To-Do list, you’d better start it now. To help prepare you for your final plans—which could range from efforts to secure your place in the afterlife … Continue reading

The House of Dirt and Fuzz

Unlike the book/movie title that I’m parodying, The House of Sand and Fog, my story, The House of Dirt and Fuzz, is not nearly as tragic. But it is just as messy. As I had mentioned in a recent post, a short time ago I’d moved from a cramped one … Continue reading

There’s an Addict in My House!

Today I need to talk about the serious topic of addiction, and how it’s affected someone who I love very much. Not only does addiction cripple the individual who is hooked, but it plagues all of those around them as well. Loved ones struggle to find answers, ways to cure … Continue reading