A Time for Change


It’s a new year. A time for reflection, resolutions, and change. I’ve done my share of reflecting which led to quite a few resolutions. Now it’s time to put some plans into action and allow the changes to take place.

And while these resolutions cover various areas in my life, I’m going to focus (at least for this blog post) on the ones that relate to writing.

Sure, in ways, all of my resolutions have to do with writing on some level. When one is a passionate writer everything in the universe seems to relate to his or her trade. One of my resolutions is to focus on my health by exercising more, eating better, drinking more water, and drinking less alcohol. While this has more to do with my general health, fitness level, and wellbeing, it’s true that healthier habits will help me to be a more productive, more efficient writer. I also plan to become more spiritual and want to start meditating. While this also has to do with more than my writing practice, finding peace and enlightenment can only open new doors to creativity.

Near the end of last year, I began writing a new novel. The first I’ve truly invested in since I came up with the idea for Such a Dreamer back in 2000! Since I don’t wish to have another twelve-year (which had extended to fifteen including last year’s final revision and edits) novel, I need to set a strict writing schedule and stick to it. I’m at my creative peak early in the morning, so that means setting the alarm and waking up early and putting in an hour or two of writing at least five to six days a week.

Also, I plan to be more organized (yes, lists!) and procrastinate less in 2016. These areas affect my writing practice both directly and indirectly. But in terms of writing, the new novel isn’t my only writing project. I still have books to market, blogs to write, websites to update, and … and that’s just the tip (that’s what he said!) of the proverbial iceberg.

And finally, I hope to simplify things in 2016. Not have as much unnecessary “stuff” around, cluttering my life and environment. Trim the fat and get rid of what’s not truly essential. I’m not only referring to physical stuff. Virtual stuff, which is endless these days, is just as bad, if not worst. I have more social media accounts than I know what to do with. And I don’t even know if I have a Pinterest or Instagram account. I might have them, but the hell if I know.

I have a LinkedIn account with plenty of connections and endorsements, but I’m unsure if that social platform is useful for a writer. If it is, I sure as hell don’t know how to take advantage of it. And don’t even get me started about Facebook. I would cancel my account in a heartbeat, but worry that too many friends and love ones will actually think that I’ve terminated our relationship in reality. A lot of people take Facebook quite seriously! Yes, I realize that I’m posting this link there automatically via my website, and without that feature this post may not even receive many views. But still—freaking Facebook! Yeah, a definite love/hate relationship there.

Back to virtual stuff for a moment. My goal is to identify which sites and accounts are essential to keep and then truly invest into using them and updating them. The others, I’ll either delete or make them inactive.

So those are my key, writing-related resolutions for this year. Not unlike many typical resolutions people have, I know, but I’ve already made some baby steps in these areas toward the end of last year, so I believe I’ll follow through. I’ll let you all know how I progress.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, productive, and prosperous 2016!

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2 Responses to A Time for Change

  1. Change is the only constant in the world! Embrace it! Bravo!

  2. Wummer says:

    Good for you!! May all of your new years resolutions come to fruition, and, may you be very productive with your writing! I’m ready for some new reading material!! Good Luck with it all!!!!

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