The Rogues’ Bridget Callaghan to Debut Her Artwork

By now you’ve probably heard me go on and on about The Rogues Gallery Writers’ writing projects, but the members of our mastermind group have many creative talents. This Friday (October 7th,) fellow Rogue, Bridget Callaghan, will have her art debuted at the St. Augustine art gallery Simple Gestures. This is part of St. Augustine’s Friday Artwalk, and the main viewing period will be between 6:00-10:00 Friday evening.

But this isn’t any typical artwork, Bridget paints pictures with needles and thread, as opposed to paint brushes. Instead of using paint, she uses pieces of fabric, and the results are stunning! The finished products are beautiful and easy to get lost in. I’ve included a couple samples of her work in this post.

So please come by and support a local artist, and a Rogue, during her special night. Simple Gestures is located at 4 White Street East, St. Augustine, FL 32080. There will be refreshments, music, and appetizers from the Purple Olive.

In other Rogue news, last night we officially launched our Method Writers project on Kickstarter, where our mockumentary, Behind the Prose, is available for viewing. You can read the full write-up written by our Roguefather, Michael Ray King, at: The Method Writers Kickstarter Project. Please spread the word–we need all the support we can get!

Thank you

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3 Responses to The Rogues’ Bridget Callaghan to Debut Her Artwork

  1. Roguefather! LOL!!! That’s kinda cool. Everyone should see Bridget’s art. The first time I saw it my mind said, “No way!” Yes, way. How she takes simple swaths of cloth and creates art is amazing. You don’t want to miss this folks!!! 🙂

  2. vsbjorge says:

    lovely work 🙂 very creative and fun!

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