The Release of The Method Writers

Recently The Rogues Gallery Writers, a small focus writers group that I’m a part of, released our first group novel, The Method Writers, to Kindle for only $2.99. The concept is simple, it’s about four frustrated writer friends, who adapt the method acting philosophy to immerse themselves into the lives and environments of their fictional characters. But how far will they go before they risk everything and pass the point of no return? These stories are woven together to form one twisted story of life, risk, friendship, and honor.

To give you an idea of how dark my particular plot line goes (yes, I’m a big fan of dark humor,) here’s the original teaser poster I had created for my character, David Haas:

Not all of the characters have such a dark theme. Each character and character arc is unique and different, yet they all compliment each other so well. There is certainly something for everyone in this novel.

If you enjoy the novel and the characters as much as we believe you will, you may also be interested in small companion book of short stories, called Fictitious Fiction, written by the main characters of The Method Writers themselves. This is available for only $0.99. So yes, you can get both Rogue books for less than a $5 footlong, and you don’t even have to make Jared’s walk to Subway to retrieve them. For your convenience, the book covers on the left bar will take you directly to the books on

In time for the 4th of July, we’re planning to release a hardcover edition of The Method Writers. And for you locals, we’re currently working on plans for big release party for it later this summer, most likely in the St. Augustine area. Stay tuned for more details.

To learn more about The Rogues, The Method Writers, and the characters of our novel, please check out our blog site: Sometimes we post as ourselves (The Rogues), other times as our Method Writer characters, and occasionally as our characters’ characters. Every post is unique and entertaining. David Haas, the character I created for the book, has a character of his own, a vigilante badass named Kenny Black, who slowly becomes David’s alter-ego in the novel. Kenny took on a life of his own, starred in one of the Fictitious Fiction stories and is now part of a serial fiction story on our blog, called Pinch Hitter. I’ll be posting Part 9 of this crime saga tomorrow. Fellow Rogue, Michael Ray King, has also started his own serial fiction called A New Life. All this is fresh fiction for free!

Aside from our blog, we also have a Rogue Gallery Writers’ YouTube channel that features some of our promo videos, and even a sock puppet presentation of some of our chapters. Just recently, we’ve posted our mockumentary called Behind the Prose, which is a comical behind the scenes look at our writers group and The Method Writers. Yes, you’ll get to check out my acting chops. (I’d like to thank the academy…)


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