The American Scream Cover Part Deux

As I had promised in my post “Twenty Little Angels Above Newtown,” I have changed the cover for my satirical short story, The American Scream. Granted it took a lot longer for me to get around to it with so much going on around the holidays, but I knew I wouldn’t put it off any longer than I had to.

When I first found time to consider the new cover concept, I searched through some of my usual online image database resources, but couldn’t find anything that spoke to me. So I put it off until I had more time to get creative. Some of the images I found on Dreamstime helped to push me in the right direction though. I wanted something to express the mundane, monotonous Dilbert-like cubicle dweller existence that a lot of 8-to-5 office workers suffer. I toyed around with my own cork board at home, seeing how I could use push pins, sticky pads, and day timers as a cover theme. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t bring it all together to make a decent looking cover.

One day as I doodled at my desk, hoping upon hope for inspiration, I looked down and had a sheer moment of genius. What better way to design a cover than by using my own beautifully drawn renditions of corporate hell? I know, I know, you’re thinking: Jeff, I had no idea that you were an artist!! I’m afraid I’ve hidden my incredible drawing abilities away for fear that once made public, my life would never be the same. I’d be shoved in the spotlight and demands for next Mona Lisa or Sistine Chapel would be flooding my email, voicemail, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. I would lose my privacy and anonymity.

But I’ve decided that God gave me such an extraordinary talent, not to be contained or kept hidden under the dark, weary eyes of my own, but to be shared with the world and celebrated by all. So with that, I present to you my own hand drawn cover for The American Scream. Brace yourself, because you’ve never laid your eyes upon art as special as this! 😉

The American Scream cover final 2nd edition 3 - 72

I have no way of knowing if this new cover will improve Kindle sales of my beloved story, but I do know one thing–it sure has hell can’t hurt my sales. If you’re at all interesting, I’ve just reduced the cost of the Kindle edition to $0.99: The American Scream (Kindle edition)

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4 Responses to The American Scream Cover Part Deux

  1. NL Quatrano says:

    Absolutely genius!!! I love it!! And I have the old cover which I will cherish as well. Wishing you MONTROUSLY good sales!! N

  2. The great artists are known by their last names….Rembrandt, DaVinci, Monet, Cezanne, Toulouse-Lautrec, Swesky, Van Gogh, Dali.

    • Jeff Swesky says:

      LOL I’m keeping the original “American Screamer” in a secret location, under booby-trapped lock and key guarded by rabies-infested junkyard dogs and piranhas with “lasers”, as it will undoubtedly be worth millions some day. :*

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