Reboot, as to say, hit the power button and restart the computer for the changes to take effect. To clear out the cache and temporary files and kill off the rogue processes. To give the processor a fuckin’ break.

A reboot is what I need, what my mind needs for my writing practice to flourish again. It’s what I need to revitalize my creativity, to keep on a regular writing schedule, and to be productive with the several different creative projects that are on my plate for 2015.

My creative processor has been running too long without a reboot, so I’m powering down for the system changes and upgrades that I’ve been planning for 2015 (aka ways to achieve my creative project goals) to take effect.

Please be patient while Jeff Swesky reconfigures his system…. 25% complete…. 42% complete… 67% complete… 96%… 99%… 99%… 99%……….

This is the start of my Reboot series of posts where I’m going to examine my daily schedule and workload and how I manage my time. And what I’ll need to do to improve it so that I can become more productive. I hope to touch on subjects that are universal, whether you’re a creative type or not. The struggles and distractions that make it difficult to juggle all the obligations and relationships and still find time to do the things we enjoy.

That’s my “Reboot” concept anyway. A journey of self-discovery to help me accomplish my creative goals, while continuing to balance work, obligations, health, leisure, and, most importantly, relationships. I hope there will be snippets of wisdom and insight that you’ll be able to incorporate into your own journey of personal growth.

So please stay tuned . . . a new version of this software will be available soon. There are many, many bugs to fix!

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3 Responses to Reboot

  1. Wummer says:

    Love your blog!! Hope the “reboot” goes well and provides better insight to your daily workload, whatever that may entail. I look forward to some insightful writing and comments from you down the road! I think I need to “reboot” my system as well. 🙂

  2. NL Quatrano says:

    I reboot daily! LOL. You wouldn’t believe the junkola in my “cache” after a day of working from the home office! Somehow – I can develop a non-work-or-writing-related to do list faster than a tornado can form in Oklahoma in July! But, I keep my timer handy and an old-fashioned TO DO pad on the desk and MOST days if I don’t bury them under unopened mail, or other debris that requires my attention, I’m a bit productive. I check the list at night before the shut down (reboot) and celebrate what I can mark off – move the others to the next list. Goal is not to move anything, but until I learn to say “NO” to all the interruptions, that probably won’t happen.

    Good luck, buddy! Miss your creative writing and look forward to seeing more of it! I guess ultimately – JUST DO IT applies to folks like us. Hugs!

    • Jeff Swesky says:

      That’s true–we need the Just Do It attitude to be semi-sane writers. I created a very optimistic creative to-do list for the week of Feb 9th. I should complete it by the end of THIS week. 3 weeks to finish a 1 week list, but like I said, it was overly optimistic. But just having the list kept me on track, and I’m happy that I’m getting most of it done. I miss seeing you altogether! Must meet up next time I’m in town. As far as my creative writing goes, I am posting new Kenny Black chapters on my website. So tune in from time to time. 🙂 Hugs back!

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