Four Local Authors Write One Novel

Jeff Swesky, author, ghostwriter, editor, publisher, and speaker, is one of four local authors, known as The Rogues Gallery Writers. They got together eighteen months ago to develop one novel from four separate stories involving four distinct characters. The result? The Method Writers: 4 Writers, 4 Methods, One Twisted Novel.

LA producer/writer/director Gina Nemo said, “The Method Writers is…full of surprises and brings the reader a great blend of different characters to feast on….A book that is on its way to becoming a cult classic.”

Jeff, together with Bridget Callaghan, Michael Ray King, and Nancy Quatrano, comprise this Rogues Gallery. Published in different genres, with more than a dozen writing awards among them, this quartet will see their Kindle book in hardcover by July 20th, published by ClearView Press, Inc. of Palm Coast, FL. Public book launch parties in the St. Augustine area are planned for later in the summer.

One of the most frequently asked questions readers have is how do four writers get along well enough and long enough to write a novel and a good one at that?  They credit respect for each other’s strengths and weaknesses and they claim a bond as powerful as that of their characters, David, Dorian, Georgie Mae, and Marty.

These writers are Florida Writers Association group leaders and members and accomplished speakers in their own right. Just in case you confuse literary with stuffy, they can be seen in action in their YouTube video, “Behind the Prose.”

Copies of The Method Writers can be purchased at,, and as a Kindle Select e-book. Special promotional offers, including autographed copies, can be ordered at the publisher’s

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  1. deb reilly says:

    You guys are funny! Good luck!

  2. Wummer says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!!!!! You guys are all great!!

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