Delays and Other Updates

Unfortunately I have to push back the release date of the new version of The American Scream. This past week got away from me and I wasn’t able to put the manuscript together the way I had envisioned it in time. The new release date will be next Friday, November 8th. On that day only, it will be available as a free Kindle download.

TAS - Special Edition - bordered - smallSince my last post, I also got thinking about the subtitle for this updated version. Despite my explanation only days ago, I’ve come to realize that “The Author’s Cut” may be a bit of a misnomer and could confuse some, especially those who hadn’t read my previous post. The current version available on Amazon, is technically my Author’s Cut, because it’s the final version of the story; one that I’m truly satisfied with. Next week’s release will contain my insights on taking the story from idea to published form, alternate endings and covers, a bonus story and more. It truly is more of a “Special Edition,” so that’s how it will be labeled.

In other news:

I’ll soon be adding a photo section on this website to contain a history of some special moments I’ve experienced over my writing career and the amazing and talented writers that I’ve shared those moments with. I’ll probably be adding photos little by little over the next 2-3 weeks as I find time.

Thornetta Banner finalLast Sunday, I met with Bridget Callaghan and her brother Tim for our first post-award Thornetta planning session. Over the next few months, Tim will be working on new music for the musical while Bridget and I make edits to the stage play. These are the initial steps towards our goal of getting Thornetta on stage as a musical production. For regular updates, please visit:

Finally, for those in the Traverse City area, I wanted to remind you that this coming Thursday (November, 7th) will be the first Open Read at the InsideOut Gallery, which I will co-host along with Bridget and Mike Callaghan. It’s open to writers of all skill levels, whether published or not. For more information: click here.




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