More Delays and Technical Issues

I’m afraid my release of The American Scream: Special Edition will be delayed once again. My Toshiba laptop has been pretty reliable for me over the years. And, as with all technology these days, once you start talking in terms of “years”, you can pretty much guarantee your equipment is somewhat out-of-date.

This week, age has become a factor with my laptop as both Windows and my Toshiba Bulletin Board keep telling my that I have fatal issues with my hard drive and it needs to be repaired or replaced asap to prevent losing everything. This warning comes up every 10-15 minutes and won’t let me do anything until I acknowledge it. I’ve check and it’s not a virus or Trojan horse–it seems to be the read deal, I’m afraid.

So I’ve been spending the majority of my free time this week backing up all of my personal and business files; my writing documents fall within both categories! I’ve tried to use my laptop as sparingly as possible, so I could limit the risk of permanent failure before visiting a computer tech (despite what some people may thing, computer hardware is not my areas of expertise. Software is.)

As risky as it may be, I’m hoping to get this update posted while my full backup is running. Then I’ll be shutting down the laptop and taking it to a computer repairman. Worse case, I’ll have to replace the hard drive and have all my software reinstalled…which will probably mean I’ll have to repurchase the majority of it. Wish me luck!

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6 Responses to More Delays and Technical Issues

  1. Wummer says:

    OUCH!!! So sorry to hear that! Always something, huh?! Hope you get done what you need to before shutting her down for repairs and/or replacement!! Have been looking forward to downloading American Scream: Special Edition now for two weeks! Can’t wait. Good luck. Love ya!

    • Jeff says:

      Thanks, Wum!! You’ll have to get in that loooooong line of people waiting for my Special Edition to come out! šŸ˜‰ LOL I’m back in business as of this afternoon. Local computer guy, Mad Mike, was able to image my dying hard drive onto a brand new (and bigger and faster) hard drive without anything missing. So I plan to get back to working on Scream tomorrow! Love ya!!

  2. Jack Owen says:

    Yuk! Would you like to join my club?
    DO understand there’s a siphon-like gadget which can slurp up EVERYTHING – transfer it to a GOOD computer hard-drive, instead of copy/saving to flash-drive or disk.
    Earlier this year save much of my imag files via scanner to computer – THEN the hard-drive nose-dived BEFORE it could be downloaded…copied.
    Seriously thinking of retro equipment; like a school slate and chalk!
    Should challenge all the usual hacker experts, eh?

    • Jeff says:

      LOL! I like how you think, Jack. Or just get yourself a good computer guy. There’s one locally, who imaged my old hard drive and was able to transfer everything over to a new one without anything changing (from my perspective.) I’m back in business as of this afternoon!

  3. NL Quatrano says:

    I’ve had to replace TWO units this year. I am SO grateful for my off-site backup (Carbonite) and their expertise – got me back up to full speed in about a day which includes MY lack of hardware AND software expertise (Windows 8) . LOL. Good luck, my friend. Staying calm is important. An extra glass of Jack helped me…

    • Jeff says:

      Thanks, Nancy! A local computer drive was able to image my hard drive before replacing it, so I didn’t lose anything, nor did I need to restore or reinstall anything either. I’m back in business!! šŸ™‚ Thanks Mad Mike!

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