“Fell on Black Days” Preview Available on NoiseTrade!

NoiseTrade is a relatively new service that helps to connect musicians with potential fans. By giving NoiseTrade a portion of their music to make available as a free download, the musician or band will receive new exposure, email addresses for those who have downloaded the music, and 80% of all tips that downloaders have donated to the artist (NoiseTrade keeps 20%.) Tips are not required, but encouraged.

I’m a big fan of NoiseTrade and have been since discovering the site a couple years ago. I stumbled across some great new music and artists there. I downloaded and fell in love with an EP by a new band called The Lumineers. This was well before their catchy “Ho Hey” was upon everyone’s lips. I’m sure that NoiseTrade had a hand in the band’s overnight success.

Fell on Black Days - cover - 72 - border -WEBSITEA couple months ago, when NoiseTrade announced they were expanding their service to include books and authors, I became eager to participate. Since I had already planned to publish my collection of short stories, titled Fell on Black Days, in print later this year, I thought their service would be a great way to experiment with marketing. This past Sunday, I made a free preview of my collection available on NoiseTrade. The preview contains four stories that I feel embody the full spirit of my complete collection.

The download is free, so I hope you’ll check it out. No account is required either. You only need to supply an email address and a zip code to receive your free download. Here’s the link: http://books.noisetrade.com/jeffswesky/fell-on-black-days-noisetrade

If the link doesn’t work for some reason, just go to the Book section of Noisetrade.com and you’ll find Fell on Black Days – NoiseTrade Exclusive under the “New & Notable” section on the main page.

Enjoy the read!

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