Happy Veterans Day!

Happy Veterans Day to all of those who have served to protect our great country. Your dedication and sacrifices have provided Americans with the privileges and freedoms that we often take for granted. And Happy Veterans Day to all active duty military for continuing to fight for and defend our country.

veteransday_1I’d like to wish a special Happy Veterans Day to my father, Walt, for his service during the Vietnam War. Fond thoughts and memories also go out to my grandfathers, Earl and Walter, who bravely served in World War II.

On a side note, my literary short story collection, Fell on Black Days, is currently being offered by Dreamer Publications as a Kindle Countdown Deal until Monday, November 17th. The current sale price is $0.99. The sacrifices of our great veterans have allowed me with the freedom to express myself in the stories included in this collection. Thank you all for your service and for these freedoms!


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  1. Wummer says:

    Beautifully said Jeff! I as well thank all of our active Military men and women and all of the Veteran’s for then sacrifice’s they have made and are making for our country.

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