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Fell on Black Days:

Fell on Black Days - front cover - redesign - 150 borderedAs it goes, there are writers who can convey an original idea. There are writers who can describe environments in great detail. But every so often, a writer comes along who can transcend the information on the page to give the reader a unique experience. Jeff Swesky’s “Fell on Black Days” is a rare creation that accomplishes this feat, transporting the reader into a world of human emotion that is seldom achieved. In the twelve stories featured in this collection, Jeff explores dark and subversive themes that, while appearing foreign at first, become hauntingly familiar.

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The Method Writers:

Four Writers. Four Methods. One Twisted Novel. When four eager writers adopt the “method acting” approach to add realism to their individual writing projects, their mundane lives are replaced by the outrageous, and each is plunged into a journey they never dreamed possible. Their adventures become dangerous to both themselves as well as others, and the way back appears bleak. Will they make important discoveries about themselves and each other that will be necessary to bring them home again? This group novel was dreamed up and written by Bridget Callaghan, Michael Ray King, Nancy Quatrano, and Jeff Swesky – the Rogues Gallery Writers.

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Flight From Fear:

“Flight From Fear” is the Holocaust memoir of Rabbi Samuel Cywiak, who was born in Wyszków, Poland in 1920. It chronicles the six years during World War II where, not only did he survive the wraths of both Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin and witness many horrors throughout Europe, but he was ordained a rabbi, became a husband and father, and witnessed and experienced many miracles. He was ordained by Rabbi Chaim ben Zion Notealevitz in New York and later certified fit in matters of Jewish legal questions by the great Moshe Feinstein. Rabbi Cywiak was honored by former President of Venezuela, Carlos Andres Perez, for community service and has had a distinguished career as an Orthodox Rabbi, mohel, and cantor for over sixty years now.

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Writing is Easy:

Writing is Easy comes as a two-fold tool for writers. One aspect of the book devotes itself as a teaching tool. Writers are encouraged to pursue publication through the Rogues Gallery Writers’ example of making things happen as well as showing writers how the authors came up with their inspirations, characters and plot twists. The other major aspect of Writing is Easy comes from its fiction. The stories within will entertain writers and readers alike, lending the book a fun side to compliment the analytical look at how great writer’s groups and stories are built.

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