Reboot, as to say, hit the power button and restart the computer for the changes to take effect. To clear out the cache and temporary files and kill off the rogue processes. To give the processor a fuckin’ break. A reboot is what I need, what my mind needs for … Continue reading

Recharged and Ready for a Creative 2014!

Whether it was noticeable to you or not, I took 2013 off from writing and creative projects…almost completely. An entire year passed without me really focusing on anything in the creative realm. Sure, I’d participated in some local chapter meetings and open readings, attended the FWA conference, published a special … Continue reading


Tomorrow is 12-21-12, or as the Mayans had predicted, the END OF THE WORLD!!! But, if you’re one of my many creative friends, you probably can’t go out with so many creative ideas swirling around your screwed up little mind. I know that I can’t. So, my friends, I challenge … Continue reading

All Work and No Play Makes Jeff a Dull Writer

Yes, for the better part of 2012, I’ve been doing nothing but work. My writing has been shoved to the backburner; a backburner that’s not even capable of producing a low heat. And my muse is on life support. His frail frame is propped in a hospital bed, being fed … Continue reading