A Tax Weekend Giveaway

A special message from my vintage Royal typewriter: And not a single typo! Please click on the following links starting tomorrow for your free Kindle books: Fell on Black Days by Jeff Swesky Flight From Fear by Rabbi Samuel Cywiak with Jeff Swesky

What A Difference A BOOK Makes!

  Over two and a half years ago, when I had first met with Rabbi Samuel Cywiak to begin work on his Holocaust memoir, Flight From Fear, I was amazed at how active and lively he was for a 88-year-old man. Here he was, and still is, working as the … Continue reading

The Three Burning Questions Regarding My Holocaust Writing Project

For the past year and a half I’ve been working with Rabbi Samuel Cywiak of the Sons of Israel Synagogue in St. Augustine, FL to help produce his Holocaust survival memoir, “Flight from Fear.” I am the ghostwriter for his memoir. Rabbi Cywiak is 89 years young, and is very … Continue reading