The Twelve Year Novel, Part 3 (the final part)

In case you had missed the previous parts, they can be read here: Part 1   Part 2 In the fall of 2007, I was invited to join a novel critique group hosted by local author, Sandra McDonald, who is well-known and respected in the fantasy and sci-fi genres. She’s also … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Rabbi Cywiak

I’m spending this weekend in Orlando with my nephew and realized that–due to my busy work week–I did not get to write a post about Rabbi Samuel Cywiak’s birthday. So, I’m standing in line at Legoland, waiting to ride The Dragon roller coaster with my nephew, which is an hour … Continue reading

Good Morning, Herr Mueller

Early on, when I was meeting with then 88-year-old Rabbi Samuel Cywiak to ghostwrite his Holocaust memoir, he kept insisting that I include a Holocaust story, which he called the “Herr Mueller” story. It was about a good-natured rabbi who always greeted every man, woman and child he had encountered … Continue reading